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Minimalist Software is a Lot of Work

It is the right work. It is the most rewarding work. It is the most accessible and usable work.

I use the Vim plain text editor just often enough to ensure that I’m constantly forgetting how to use it, but when I am using it, I like to manage its plugins with vim-plugin.

Its creator works diligently to have it live up to being the “minimalist Vim plugin manager” and it shows in its easy of use and performance.

“vim-plug labels itself as “minimalist plugin manager” and I’m not in favor of adding more features to it. Unlike “modern” editors, Vim is basically a single-threaded, synchronous program, and to start a background process, you’ll have to use a bleeding-edge version of Vim or Neovim, while one of the strong points of vim-plug is its obsession with backward compatibility (almost all of its features work in archaic Vim 7.0 with Git 1.7)” ~junegunn

Junegunn inspires me! His incredibly generous is evident in the beautiful software he creates. Looking around his git repositories and issues trackers reveals a very thoughtful, generous and talented person.

Thank you Junegunn!

A better ride in the big city

Julia is sick, so I had to return her heavy photography lighting today. I was naive to the amount and weight of equipment that professional portraiture involves.

I was happy to take an Uber for free when I used PayPal as payment for the first time (expires Nov 28, 2013):

If you don’t have an account, you can get another $10 credit using my referral code:

I’m relieved I didn’t have phone a taxi company only for one not to show, or to try to hail down a taxi. I’m too old for white-knuckled rides through the city.

I don’t use Uber much as I like to walk and use public transit. When I do need it, I’m very thankful for the service.

I’m terrible with names of people, addresses, and locations. Uber makes me feel more comfortable navigating San Francisco. I can enjoy San Francisco more. Uber is easy and it works.

Also, as a technology professional Uber inspires me.